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അക്ഷര 2018

              Greetings to all from the AOEK Kottayam District Centre. With immense pleasure we would like to inform that Kottayam District Centre is hosting the 49th Annual Sports & Cultural Meet of the Association of Engineers Kerala അക്ഷര 2018 scheduled to be held on 28th, 29th & 30th of December 2018 at one of the most prestigious educational institutions of Central Kerala, C.M.S.College,Kottayam, which is located at the heart of Kottayam town.

           Two hundred years is but a tiny drop in the unceasing flow of cosmic time. On the human scale, however, it amounts to the life span of about ten generations. That is, if the first-ever graduates of the college sent their children to C.M.S College Kottayam, and each succeeding generation did the same, they would have their 10 th generation progeny studying here at present. This is only one indication of the antiquity of C.M.S College Kottayam in the history of higher education not just in Kerala, but in India as a whole. Yes, C.M.S College, Kottayam – The College Cotym in its original orthographic avatar – was born 200 years ago, in 1817.

       We solicit your wholehearted support and co-operation to make the event a cheerful and memorable experience. We are personally meeting you in the coming months. Also we request you to deliberate about the programme to all engineers, ensure their participation and get their advance registration done at the earliest. For your comfortable stay,we have booked all available rooms in and around Kottayam.

Advance registration forms are available at our website

We Welcome you all to the Land of Lakes ,Latex & Letters.. “La La Le”

For Details Please contact the following persons

Er.P.A.Hashim 9447114353 (Chairman)

Er.K.K.Ansar 9447570541 (President)

Er.Sheena Rajan 9447779877 (General Convenor)

Er.N.Bindu 9447293522 (Finance –Working Chairman)

Er.R.Susheela 8301087956 (Secretary)

Er.T.K.Santhoshkumar 9846238020 (Treasurer)

Er.M.S.Ali Rawther 9447507441 (Accommodation)

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B Tech Project Award 2018
We are happy to announce that, the expert team selected following projects as  best three projects for the “B Tech project award 2018” of Association of Engineers Kerala, 1) Studies on isolators for sensitive systems housed in  Structures subjected to vibration Submitted by Abhinav R Krishnan,  Shameem Shajahan, Shripad Malakarjun Patil, Suhail Ishack and Varada Vinod Nambiar of National Institute of Technology Calicut. 2) Overtaking study on two lane undivided roads Submitted by  Ayana H, Ganga P V, Krishnadas, Sachin S and Sagarika V S of  Government College of Engineering Kannur. 3) Vibrational Absorbers using Natural Composites. Submitted by Aarathy Krishnan S, Akshara Sivaprasad, Anandu S Anil, Anasu Rahman P, Anuja B and Ashish Justin of Government Engineering College Barton hill, Thiruvananthapuram. The ranking of the above projects will decide after the presentation of these projects in the venue of 49th Annual sports and cultural festival at Kottayam on 28.12.2018, 11 AM.