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Welcome to the official website of the Association of Engineers a blanket non-profit organization of the 3000+ engineers from the Public Works, Irrigation & Local Self Government Departments of Government of Kerala. You may find a wide range of free materials like Technical information to assist the public as well as practicing civil engineers in the private sector, Technical papers presented by the members, Government circulars/orders pertaining to the technical matters predominantly in the area of construction and infrastructural development.

45th Annual Sports-Designs for logo invited
06/06/2014, Kollam: The Organizing Committee of 45th Annual sports proudly present the following message to the members         Finally Kollam is all set to herald the Mega Sports and Cultural meet  of  Association of Engineers. The event is named DREAMS 2014 Here is a golden chance  open to all the august members of the Association to imagine envision and create a Logo to suit the event.       The Logo should be based on the highest traditions of Kerala/Kollam in General and our Engineers Fraternity in particular bearing in mind the name Dreams 2014.       The Engineer behind the selected logo will be appropriately felicitated in Kollam       HURRY UP Awake Think Ponder Analyse Solve Create and send your entries to the following address before 28th June 2014.       Soft copies:       Hard Copies : Er. Nadeer Ahmed, 3/16, GO Quarters, Thevally, Kollam 691 009       Mobile: 94477268380                                                                                                               

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